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The Cerny JavaScript library is shipped with solutions for validating JavaScript objects against a schema, pretty printing JSON, logging facilities, a dependency management solution and a dictionary mechanism.

Some conventions used:

If a current function or member is overwritten in a script, e.g. 'insertBefore', but will be referred to later, the new name of the member is composed of an underscore followed by the old name, e.g. '_insertBefore'.

If a simple name is not possible due to keyword restrictions, the name is proceeded by an underscore, e.g. '_delete'.

If a function takes arbitrarily many arguments, the documentation for these parameters must be called 'arguments'.

If the documentation for a function does not specify a return value, the function returns undefined.



Used by

All, but CERNY.console.*



Prototypal inheritance [DCP].

obj : the object to be the prototype of the new object.
return : the new object

Create a namespace in CERNY. This function is inspired by the Yahoo! UI Library [YUI].

name : The name of the namespace to create

Check for the presence of expressions.

script : the script that requires the expression
arguments : the exressions that are required for further execution
return : an array of missing expressions with 0 or more items

Load a script. This function is called in require. It has different implementations in various environments (browser, Rhino [RHI]).

location : the name of the script to load

Dictionary maker.

A dictionary is a mapping from terms to definitions. Definitions can contain nested terms. The process of evaluating a term is done by lookup.

obj : the obj this dictionary will inherit from
return : a Dictionary object

Lookup a term in this dictionary.

term : the term to lookup
return : the value of the term in the dictionary or undefined if the term is unknown


2006-11-10 : Created.

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