Ant tasks

Cerny.js comes with some script definitions for Ant tasks. Most of them support the development of web applications. In order to use one of these tasks, we must include the respective Ant file located in the ant directory. Furthermore we must create a cerny.conf.js and tell Ant where it can be found:

<project name="ourapp" default="build" basedir="."> ... <!-- Prepare using the Cerny.js ant tasks --> <property name="cerny.js.configuration" location="conf/ant/cerny.conf.js" /> <import file="vendor/tools/cerny.js/ant/merge.xml" /> <target name="build"> <!-- Use the merge-css task --> <merge-css src-file="css/style.css" dest-file="build/docroot/css/style.css" /> ... </target> ... </project>


The Ant installation must be set up to use JavaScript. It needs bsf.jar and js.jar on the classpath. For more information read about library dependencies on the Ant webpage.



Create a JSON document containing the API documentation of a JavaScript library. The document adheres to this schema. The documentation style of the library must adhere to the one used in Cerny.js. The JSON document is not meant for human consumption, but as a base for further processing.

<jsdoc src-dir="js" dest-dir="build/docs" />

Process all include statements in the source file to create one large catalog. This allows us to maintain several catalogs during development time and create one catalog for production.

<merge-catalog src-file="js/catalog.json" dest-file="build/docroot/js/catalog.json" />

Replace all @import statements in the source file by the content of the file that is imported. It omits to replace style sheets that contain relative URLs. This task makes it possible to maintain CSS in separate files and deploy them in one file, which reduces the number of HTTP requests.

<merge-css src-file="css/style.css" dest-file="build/docroot/css/style.css" />

Create one JavaScript file, which contains all functionality necessary for a page. It depends on the usage of the dependency management facilities that are provided by Cerny.js. All required scripts are concatenated in the right order based on the dependency information declared within the scripts and in the catalog.

<merge-js expression="OURAPP.pages.Search" dest-file="build/docroot/js/pages.Search.js" catalog-file="js/catalog.json" base-dir="."/>

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